9 Powerful Ways To Boost Your Confidence And Become Unstoppable

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Having confidence will unlock the doors to more opportunities than you can possibly imagine. Nobody wants to deal with people who lack confidence and have low self-esteem. With confidence you can take action and relentlessly pursue your goals and dreams. Without it, you’ll be stuck wishing you had the “motivation” to act.

However, confidence will not eliminate fear. It’ll still be there, but when you have confidence you’ll do what you need to do in spite of it. And when you don’t, your fears will crush your spirit and keep you stuck in the state of inaction.

9 Ways To Increase Your Confidence

1. Competence

Competence breeds confidence – were the words I heard years ago from a top producer in my direct sales company at the time. He was dead right. When you’re competent, when you know what you’re doing, your confidence level soars.

I’ll never forget, sitting down with a couple at their house to talk about finances. They were in their late 40’s. I was 22. During our second meeting, as they’re signing the paperwork for me to manage their accounts, the wife says… “You know, when my husband told me that you’re 22, I was very reluctant to even have this meeting. But I’m so glad we met and you explained everything to us.” They were my clients for many years, basically until I “retired” from financial services, and have sent me dozens of referrals over the years, many of which have become big clients.

Yes, knowledge and competence is a sure-fire way to create more confidence.

2. Dress For Success

You’ve heard the saying. And it’s absolutely true. Wearing “success clothes” does something to you on a psychological level that boosts your confidence levels. It doesn’t mean dressing up in a suit.

When I met with my with my clients, I never wore a suit. But I didn’t wear jeans either. I was in a professional business and I needed to look the part. You need to dress accordingly. Even when I work at home, I’ll wear a shirt that inspires me when I write, because it does something to my psyche at that moment.

When you look better, you feel better. And when you feel better, you do better. That’s a fact.

3. Focus On The Positives

Thinking positive thoughts has a major effect on how you feel. Positive energy leads to positive actions and results. However, the world is not always positive. And when you run a business, there’s a LOT that can go wrong in a day. Stuff happens and it can mentally derail you.

focus on solutionsAnd when something happens like your credit card processor decides to shut down your account, or a big refund comes in, or some customer complain or a hundred other little or big things like that, positive thinking won’t fix any of them.

BUT… when you focus on the positives, your perception and your feelings instantly change. You go from feeling down, depressed and negative, to feeling good. And this increases your confidence.

Instead of focusing on the problem, flip the switch, focus on the solution and look for the opportunity instead.

4. Prepare

Luck is when opportunity meets preparation. When you take the time to prepare, it does wonders to your confidence. Millions of people walk around missing big opportunities because they weren’t prepared to take advantage of them.

But when you take the time to prepare, and the opportunity comes along, you have no problem embracing it.

5. Exercise

Exercise helps you release endorphins. These “feel good” hormones help you trigger positive emotions which lead to increased confidence levels and create a “natural high” athletes experience. Studies show that exercise leads to fighting anxiety and depression.

You also boost your dopamine levels. Another brain chemical that helps you feel good, energizes you, relieves stress and anxiety and increases your confidence.

So doing any kind of exercise on a regular basis, even going for a walk around the neighborhood to get your body moving will flood your brain with endorphins and dopamine to give you the confidence you need.

Try it, you’ll be shocked at how effective it is.

6. Do Something You Enjoy

Doesn’t have to be work or business related. Engaging in a fun activity you enjoy is another way to release dopamine. Dopamine helps control the brain’s reward and pleasure centers. So when you do something you enjoy, it makes you feel good. And as we discussed already, feeling good leads to more confidence.

7. Speak In Public

public speakingFear of speaking in public is well known to be one of the biggest fears for many. And I wasn’t excluded from this list.

I was petrified of speaking in public when I was young. And I would do anything to avoid it.

When I was in my early 20’s, I was at a conference in Chicago where I received some awards for being a top producer. I was supposed to give a very quick 2 minute talk to inspire other agents. I was all stressed out about it the night before. I wrote down exactly what I was going to say and must have practiced it a dozen times.

When the big moment came, I went to the stage, looked out at the audience of about 400 people, completely forgot everything I was going to say, and just let it rip. And you know, it wasn’t bad. In fact, I actually enjoyed it.

But more importantly, in those 2 minutes I created an enormous amount of confidence.

So if you have a chance to do any public speaking, even by simply joining Toastmasters, do it. Stepping out of your comfort zone will greatly help you boost your confidence.

8. Imagine Future Success

Your imagination is a very powerful tool. Too bad most people have no clue how to use it.

Years ago I heard this little technique which I absolutely love.

imaginationIMAGINE… you just received a phone call that you won the lottery and the check is on its way. How would you feel at that moment? I bet all kinds of exciting feelings, including an incredible amount of confidence.

But here’s the kicker, nothing has really happened. You don’t even have the money yet, but in your mind you “think” it’s on the way and it made you feel incredible.

This is how powerful your mind is.

And you can use the power of imagination to really get those juices flowing. In fact this is what happens when you set goals. When you start making a list of all the things you want in your life, you’re once again flooding your brain with endorphins and dopamine, and you can feel an instant surge in your confidence.

9. Take Action

Nothing will give you a bigger boost in confidence than taking action. In fact procrastination and NOT taking action will make you weak and hesitant. But when you do what you know you need to do, it’ll quickly raise your self-esteem and your confidence.

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