Are You Cheating People Out Of A Great Opportunity?

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Years ago, I recruited this guy into my financial services agency. Back when I was into all that. This guy, we’ll call him Mike (not his real name) had an MBA from a big university. He was smart and obviously knew a thing or two, except this… in business, the most important thing is making a sale.

He would do anything to avoid doing the main ‘thang’, which is selling and promoting himself. In fact, he was reluctant to tell others that he was “in sales.”

Now, why is selling considered such a bad thing?

Did you know, according to Dr. Thomas Stanley, author of The Millionaire Next Door, 733 self-made Millionaires, who were surveyed about their top success factors, ranked “Having the ability sell their ideas and products” as one of the TOP TEN factors responsible for their success?

Look at Shark Tank. Once the dust settles after every presentation, here comes the BIG question – “How many of them things did ‘ya sell?”

Mark Cuban says it all the time – “Sales cures all.”

Whether it’s fair or not is irrelevant. The reality is that MONEY goes to those who know how to sell and promote themselves, their ideas and their products BETTER than others.

The job doesn’t always go to the most qualified applicant. It often goes to the one who “sold” their employer on hiring them.

So if you want to succeed beyond your wildest dreams, you need to learn how to sell.

In fact, I firmly believe, that if you have a great product that helps people (which I hope you do), it is your obligation to do everything in your power to (ethically) persuade them to buy your stuff.

But Vitaly, I have a great product, why do I need to “sell” it, if people should be lining up and buying it.

Great question, and here’s my somewhat scientific and very accurate explanation why…

Let’s say you have a great product.

First, you need to find a way for people to notice you.

Between the radio, TV, email, Facebook, banners, billboards, telemarketing calls, and an occasional knock on the door… there is an enormous amount of distractions. Your prospect gets hit with 3,000+ commercial messages every single day.

As a result, she (your prospect) has gotten very good at tuning them out. She has to, in order to make it to her destination. I mean what would happen in your life if you paid attention to every single ad and commercial you see? You’d never make it through the day!

So when you see a commercial on TV, don’t you switch the channel? Or if it’s recorded on DVR, don’t you fast-forward? Sure you do. We ALL do it.

So unless your marketing does a great job of capturing someone’s attention, your product won’t even be a blip on her radar.

Moving on.

You listen to Vitaly’s advice and you create a kick-butt ad, with a great headline and get their attention. Now your job is done, right? Because she’s going to look at your product, say to herself – “YES, that’s exactly what I need” as she whips out her wallet, grabs that credit card and buys your product.

Ummm, no, not likely to happen.


Because, she has also gotten very good at being suspicious of sales attempts. (She’s not as educated as you are about the fact that sales and promotion is great thing.)

She may have been burned by a similar product before.

She may be hesitant to make a decision on the spot and wants to “think about it.”

She may want to put it off in the future, and come back to buy it later (later usually never happens.)

She may want to “price shop”.

This is very all normal human behavior, though very frustrating for us who actually sell stuff for a living. She (we) tend to put off making a decision, unless we really have to.

Which is why you need to educate her on why your product or service is…

– A perfect solution for her

– Superior to other products in the market

– Is worth much more to her than what she will pay for it, making it a steal and a no-brainer

– The best possible choice for her out of all the choices she has

– And why she needs to get it right now

This is what selling is all about. And unless you can do that with your website, or face to face, or over the phone… you can’t possibly expect the majority of people who see your product to make a decision. It’s against their human nature, even when they know it’s in their best interest.

So sell, do it right, and make it easy for people to say YES to you.

In fact…

You’ll be cheating people out of a great opportunity by NOT doing a good job of selling your products, services and ideas.

Case in point…

When I sold insurance and investments, they were good products that people needed. But if I was to call people, and tell them on the phone that I want to meet with them to talk about insurance and investments, I’d miss out on 90%+ of the appointments I had.

I had to “sell” people on meeting with me, by explaining the benefits they would reap by sitting down with me and learning about a few strategies that could save them a lot of money, help them get out of debt, and possibly even make more money in the future.

Now, doesn’t that sound much more appealing than talking about “insurance and investments”?

This approach landed me a lot of very happy clients over the years. Many of whom wouldn’t have given me a moment of out of their day if I didn’t “sell” them on it.

A good attorney still has to sell his clients on hiring him.

A good doctor still has to sell his patients on coming back to see him.

A service provider has to sell (and keep selling) his customers on using them.

A plumber has to sell people on using him. (Although it’s often a much easier sale, nevertheless, it’s still a sale)

Everybody is in sales in some shape or form. And when you do a good job, your customers will THANK YOU.

Remember… if you have a great product that helps people, it is your obligation to do everything in your power to (ethically) persuade them to give you money in return for the incredible value they’ll get.

Otherwise you are cheating them out of a potentially great opportunity.

BTW, if you’re a guy and happily married or in a great relationship, didn’t you have to “sell” her on you? And if you’re girl who’s happily married or in a great relationship, didn’t he have to “sell” you on him?

‘Ya better believe it!

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Vitaly Grinblat has over 20 years of experience in sales, marketing and advertising. Including running his own financial services agency for over 10 years. Since 2005, he has created a number of information products online, as well consulted with and designed advertising campaigns for private clients, generating over $10,000,000 in sales. Currently Vitaly is involved in a number of businesses and projects including creating marketing campaigns for a large publication company, running an e-commerce business, a nutraceutical company and Success Thread.


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