The #1 Enemy Of Your Success

Not too long ago I started a new e-commerce business that’s doing pretty good. Well into 6-figures in the first 12 months. And while I’ve continued with other projects on my plate, I have become a little complacent with this one.

After all, when six figures rolls in almost on autopilot, you tend to slack off a bit. And that’s a BIG MISTAKE.

Because complacency is the #1 enemy of success. In business, you cannot afford to sit on the sidelines even when things are going great.

In fact, I remember one of my mentors, Art Williams, used to say…

When things are going well, buddy you better be ready… ‘cause it’s fixin’ to get ugly.

I’m paraphrasing, but it’s pretty close to what he said. Art founded the direct sales company where I got my entrepreneurial start, cut my teeth in selling and spent over a decade of my life.

Anyways, back to my e-commerce business. Things are rocking and rolling, but I notice a decline in sales. Turns out there’s a new competitor. Nothing wrong with that, except this guy blatantly knocks off some of my marketing, packaging and labeling. And he’s taking some of my sales.

Now I’ve been around the block a few times. So none of this surprises or shocks me at all. But it doesn’t make it any easier to deal with the fact that sales have dropped.

After walking around pissed off for a couple of days, I had to take a deep breath and face the truth that I have become complacent, and now have 2 choices. I can stay upset, angry and complain to my wife how “unfair” this is.


I can start thinking of HOW to increase my sales.

These 3 letters “H-O-W” are very powerful. Because they open new doors of opportunities into your life. They force you to THINK outside the box, get the wheels turning and your creative juices flowing.

So I sat down with a blue pen (yes it has to be blue) and paper, and wrote by hand…

1. It’s not what happens to me, it’s how I react to it.

2. This lowlife jackass borderline stealing my stuff is not a bad thing. First, I must be doing something right, obviously ;). Two, it’s a great opportunity to take a step back and learn something. So what lessons can I take away from this?

3. Bottom line… HOW can I increase my sales?

Within 20 minutes my mind was flooded with NEW ideas to market and advertise my product which I haven’t given any thought to before. Ways to tap into different advertising channels, that will allow me to reach a much, MUCH bigger audience with a heckuva lot less competition. And potentially (although with research I’ve conducted, there is no doubt about it) significantly boost my sales, eclipsing what I’ve done before.

Whaddya know, a little skull sweat goes a long way.

But why does something has to happen in order to jar you and make you move?

No clue, but as the great Jim Rohn used to say… “It’s a mystery of the mind.”

However, what I do know is this…

You can never, ever get complacent, no matter how good things are. And regardless of what happens, no matter what door gets slammed in your face, there’s always a different and possibly even a bigger door waiting to be kicked wide open.

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Vitaly Grinblat has over 20 years of experience in sales, marketing and advertising. Including running his own financial services agency for over 10 years. Since 2005, he has created a number of information products online, as well consulted with and designed advertising campaigns for private clients, generating over $10,000,000 in sales. Currently Vitaly is involved in a number of businesses and projects including creating marketing campaigns for a large publication company, running an e-commerce business, a nutraceutical company and Success Thread.


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