Gary Vaynerchuk: #1 Question Entrepreneurs Should Ask

most important question for entrepreneurs to ask

In his great book Crush It, Gary Vaynerchuk says…

The best business tweet you can make is – ‘What can I do for you?’

This goes back to the whole idea that we get paid in direct proportion to the value we bring to the marketplace. The more valuable you become to others, the more rewards you can expect.

Lately I’ve had the urge to revisit some of the old time classics. Stuff I “grew up” on as an entrepreneur. Thanks to Audible, I can now listen on my iPhone, to stuff I had on tapes 20 years ago.

So this morning I’m cruising down the road after dropping off the kids at school. And I’m listening to Earl Nightingale’s Lead The Field.

Little side trip.

Last time I heard it was almost 20 years ago. It was on audio tapes I rented from Talking Book World. And was listening to it as I’m driving to appointments, in my little 2 door red Toyota Tercel. Hoping, dreaming and planning about all the great things I’m going to do.

And this morning, almost 20 years later, I’m enjoying Earl Nightingale’s deep voice from my iPhone’s bluetooth, coming into the premium Bose speakers of my luxury SUV, as I drive to work. Which is basically going back home after dropping off the kids, because that’s where I pretty much do everything. Except on the days when I feel like hanging out at Starbucks, and doing my work from there.

Anyways, in Chapter 5, Earl Nightingale tells a story about having breakfast in a restaurant in Monterey, Californial.

There’s a young couple sitting in a booth next to him. And he hears the young man grumble – “I tried, but no one wants give me a job around here. I guess we’ll have to go home.” Obviously unhappy that they wanted to live in that beautiful community, but were out of money.

His attitude was – no one wants to give me a job.

How many people today have the same attitude?

No one wants to give me a job.

No one wants to buy from me.

No one wants to give me money to start a business.

No one wants to _____ so that I can get what I want.

These people haven’t learned a basic principle of economics, which has become Zig Ziglar’s most famous quote…

You can have everything in life you want if you will just help other people get what they want.

Those who have the most in our society have figured out a way to give others what they want, therefore reaping huge rewards.

Want To Make More Money?

A few years back, when we first moved into our current house, I knew very little about landscaping and maintaining the yard. Prior to that we lived in a condo, and I never gave landscaping a single thought.

About a year after we moved, the good looking landscaping we had in front of our house was starting to look like plants from ‘Little Shop of Horrors’ took over my yard. Weeds everywhere. Yeah, I was this ignorant about the whole thing. Apparently you have to do something or the weeds will take over. Oh well, you live and learn.

So we’re looking at this mess of yard we have, and I keep thinking that I need to call a landscaping company.

Then one day, a guy knocks on our door. His name is Jose, and he speaks very little English. But he hands my wife a business card and says – “Hi I’m Jose. You have lots of weeds. For 50 bucks I take out all your weeds. Okay?”

That was a no-brainer. I was happy. My wife was happy. And Jose was happy.

This kind of attitude will carry you far in life. He obviously wasn’t waiting for anyone to give him anything. He found a problem and provided a solution, for which he got paid.

I call this the Immigrant’s Attitude. Something I’ve lived with since the age of 11.

Finding ways to be valuable to others in exchange for a compensation. And always thinking of how to be even MORE VALUABLE to get bigger rewards.

Which is a complete opposite of how most people think. “I’m just going to do enough.”

Is it any surprise they get way less out of life than those who go the extra mile?


What do people out there want?

What do you have to offer that could be of value to others, so that they’ll gladly pay you for it?

Why is that some people make the minimum wage, while others command hundreds (and even thousands) of dollars per hour of work?

It has nothing to do with how good of person you are, your looks, your formal education (or lack of it). It’s all in the value that you can provide for others.

And the more valuable what you do is, the more money you can ask in return for it.

Which is why Gary Vee is absolutely spot on about the most important thing a business owner can say to his prospects and customers – “What can I do for you?”.

Here’s another great question to contemplate…

What valuable skill set can I acquire, so that others will cheerfully pay me as much as I want?

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