How To Create Great Content Others Want To Read And Share

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The best and the most effective way to become an authority in your market, and build a rabid, loyal following is to know how to create great content others will want to read and share. That is called content marketing.

  • Blogs
  • Videos
  • Podcasts
  • Emails

… are all a way for you to share your content.

It’s creating and sharing valuable free information to attract and convert prospects into customers, and customers into repeat buyers. The type of content you share is closely related to what you sell; in other words, you’re educating people so that they know, like, and trust you enough to do business with you.

And why is that important?

Well… no one is going to buy anything from you unless they LIKE and TRUST you. There is no better way to develop trust, and build a relationship with your audience than by revealing information that is of interest to your audience, coupled with your own thoughts and ideas.

7 Ways How To Create Great Content Without Being Creative

how to create great content

1. Answer Questions Your Audience Has

What questions does your target market have? There are forums, Facebook Groups and pages where you can find all kinds of ideas about what your market wants to know.

You can also run a survey, and simply ask your audience.

This is really the ultimate strategy, because people only want to read, watch or listen to information that they are truly interested in. And what better way to find out than by looking at their questions.

The rest of the ideas here can be used to build on this.

2. Books

Go to Amazon and check out the best-seller list for your category. There is a reason why those books are best-sellers. You can skim through information and find interesting bits and pieces to share with your audience putting your spin on it.

For inspiration, you can check out Amazon reviews for books. You’ll find some reviews which give you a summary of the whole book.

3. Curate Content From Other Blogs

Check out the blogs from top influencers in your market. Found an interesting and useful article? Share it, by adding your own perspective, which will make it unique.

Many top blogs are simply content curators. Viral Nova became a $100 MILLION company by curating content.

Don’t forget to link back to the original source and give credit where credit is due.

4. Share A Video

Share a video from YouTube that has good information about your topic that’s of interest to your audience. Videos are viral in nature. And if you share a good video, you can ride on the coattails of its success.

Bonus point – create your own video with your ideas about a specific video. This will take a little bit longer, but you’ll reach a lot more people and will promote your brand instead.

5. Tell A Story

Telling a story about your brand will make it stand out and sound unique.

Think about a talk or a speaker you remember. What made them stand out? I bet it’s the story. What makes a good movie? Aside from acting, the story, isn’t it?

Stories are a great relationship building tool, and can help you emphasize a point without using dry facts and figures.

You can tell a story about:

– You
– Your company
– Your product
– Your brand
– Your customer(s)

Or a combination of any or all the above.

Telling a story is the most powerful way to communicate and influence others.

By the way, the most successful sales letter of all time was the Wall Street Journal letter. It brought in over $2 BILLION in sales, and it was mailed It was a story.

6. Write A product Review

Think about a product that you like, and are happy to endorse, and write a review about it.

Talk about what you like. Talk about what you don’t like. Explain why. There’s very little creativity required, however this will be very useful and it will get attention from people who are interested in the product.

7. Interview Others

Getting other people’s opinions, thoughts and ideas is great way to learn, and leverage effective marketing while developing new audio and video content for your website and that of the person you are interviewing.

It’s also a good way to connect with others in your market and attract new audience.

There’s no shortage of ideas and ways to create content your audience will be interested in, without really doing all the heavy lifting yourself. The key is to create a unique voice and put your own angle on it.

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