How To Get More Twitter Followers In 7 Steps

how to get twitter more followers

Any business that wants to grow their brand and increase the engagement with their audience, needs to be always thinking about how to get more twitter followers.

With over 307 Million monthly active users, it could be a direct path to communicate with your prospects and customers.

Especially if you’re dealing with younger audience.

John Rampton, a successful entrepreneur has exploded his presence on Twitter to 500,000 engaged followers in just a couple of years.

He boils his formula down to 7 steps.

How To Get More Twitter Followers In 7 Steps

1. Research

This is by far the most important part of the process (aside from taking action and implementing all this.)

In marketing, there’s nothing more important than understanding exactly who your audience is. Spending time to research your audience will give you everything you need to create a solid plan of action to attract more twitter followers, and create more engagement with them.

Here are some questions to ask yourself when researching your audience on Twitter:

how to get more twitter followers– Who is your audience?
– How they interact on Twitter?
– Who do they follow?
– What kind of content do they like?
– Who is the competition?
– What is the competition doing?
– Who are the influencers?

2. Brand Definition

– What is your brand all about?
– How can you create a clear picture of what your brand represents

Creating the right profile will help set the tone for what you’re all about. Don’t overlook this important step.

3. Content Strategy

– Creating a plan around tweeting your content on a regular basis that your audience will engage with.

Consistency is important. From your research, you should already know the frequency of tweets your audience is used to seeing.

4. Communication and Response

Engagement is a 2-way street. Simply tweeting and posting doesn’t cut it. Your audience wants to be engaged in the conversation, and get responses to their comments.

So taking some time to monitor your account on a daily basis will go a long way in showing your followers you care. Nobody wants to do business with nameless and faceless corporations. Engagement helps add a human element to your business.

5. Twitter Lists

Using a tool that allows you to divide up your followers into specific lists and segments.

This will help you create the right message for your audience.

6. Linking

Connecting with content of the influencers in your market.

Influencers have a big impact on who your audience listens and follows, as well as what kind of content are they interested in seeing. Having your content on the radar of an influencer could create a big ripple effect in your reach on twitter.

You never know who is going to retweet your stuff.

7. Cross-Channel Promotion

And of course it certainly doesn’t stop with Twitter. Don’t forget about blog posts, Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn just to name a few.

Promoting your content across different social media platforms and marketing channels will increase your reach and help you attract and retain more followers.

Which in return will help boost your sales and revenues.

For a more specific breakdown of each step, see John Rampton’s original article on how he went from 0 to 500,000 followers.

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