How To Make Money Online

how to make money online

In September of 2005, I found a little booklet in my mailbox that talked about ‘how to make money online’. It was selling a dvd course for $97, that featured a number of people who had websites that were bringing in $100,000+ a year. A couple people were making over a Million. (By the way, as a side note, I’ve since personally met a couple of those people, so yeah, they were real people, making real money)

Anyways, I didn’t bat an eye and instantly ordered the program. I was stuck in a financial services business that completely drained me emotionally. So the thought of working from home sounded really good. Now, I wasn’t naive, and I knew there is no such thing as “overnight riches”, and I wasn’t looking for that.

At that point I’ve been in sales for over a decade. I’ve made money. There were plenty of times that I made THOUSANDS of Dollars from a single client. So it wasn’t just the money, what really intrigued me was the fact that you could do it from home.

In my business, I had to sell face-to-face to make money. Sure, I could land a big investment client, and make a $3,000 commission. And I have more than on one occasion. Or I could do a mortgage and make $4,000 from a single sale. But it took many hours of meeting with clients, follow-up, etc… before the sale was done and I got paid. Nothing wrong with that, but after a decade of that, I was getting tired.

And here I was looking at a booklet, that talked about putting up a website that could become a virtual sales person for you. It would sell for you 24/7, 365 days a year, while you could be doing something else. At that point, I had NO CLUE what I was going to sell or how it’s done.

I just knew if this was even remotely true… I’m IN!

Little did I know, that within a few months, I would be faxing in my resignation from that firm. And within 3 years I was completely out of the financial services industry.

And I’ve been happily making money using the internet ever since.

7 Ways How To Make Money Online

how to make money online

1. Affiliate Marketing

This is the easiest and the most risk-free way you can start online.

Instead of selling your own product, you could be selling other people’s products as an affiliate, and get commission for each and every sale.

What kinds of products can you sell? Anything you want.

– Books
– Training programs
– Physical products
– Seminars

Name a product, and you can probably find an affiliate program for it.

If you want to sell physical products, you could go to Amazon or CJ Affiliate and promote anything from flowers to hot tubs to electronics.

However, most of the money I’ve made as an affiliate came from selling digital information products. Ebooks and training programs.

Clickbank is a big internet retailer with such programs.

You can promote ebooks and courses in…

  • Weight Loss
  • Exercise
  • Health
  • Dating
  • Making Money
  • Stock Trading
  • Publishing

And many others…

There are literally thousands of products there, and they pay as much as 75% commissions for promoting them. They’ll even tell you which ones are the best sellers.

So if you take a popular diet ebook that costs $39.95 for example, you’ll make almost $30 for each sale you make. And there are affiliates who make $1,000’s per day, selling ebooks like this.

2. Ebay

You can become a seller on ebay and find products you can source from manufacturers.

With a little research you could find out what’s selling well on ebay and do a Google search for places that will wholesale that kind of product to you.

Clothes, fragrances, electronics, DIY stuff, etc…

You can have the product dropshipped so you don’t even touch it or see it. You collect the payment from Ebay. Then fire off an email to your dropship company, and they handle the shipping and handling of the product for you.

You could also buy the product at wholesale and ship it yourself.

3. Amazon

You can become an Amazon seller and just like with Ebay, you could either dropship and/or send it yourself.

The cool thing about Amazon, is they have something called FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon.) This allows you to buy your product and have it stored in an Amazon warehouse. When you sell it, through Amazon FBA it will get sent to your customers for a small fee. You never touch the product.

I have a friend who lives in UK, and sells supplements on Amazon to US customers. Using the FBA program, he has over 20,000 customers. He never sees the product. It’s a great model to follow.

4. Info-Products

One of my favorite. Creating and selling your own information products.

Information products are “how-to” products.

  • Ebooks
  • Courses
  • Membership Sites
  • Newsletters

These products teach your customers “how to do something.”

– How To Make Money
– How To Lose Weight
– How To Get A Date
– How To Build A Shed In Your Backyard
– How To Start A Small Business
– How To Do Your Own Taxes
– How To Trade Penny Stocks
– How To Invest In Commercial Real Estate

The list is endless. Every single one I listed above has created HUNDREDS of Millions of Dollars in sales, individually. There are always people looking for information on “how to do something”.

You could package the information into an ebook, a video training course, or a membership site where members pay you a monthly fee to access the content.

5. Adsense

Making money from ads. You can have a website and get paid when your visitors click on different ads on your site. Adsense is Google Ads, but they’re certainly not the only network out there. There are many websites who’s business is strictly that – getting traffic and monetizing it with ad revenue. They either sell ad space on their website. Or they have ads from Google or other networks and get paid each time someone clicks.

6. Coaching

Are you good at coaching others?

You could start an online coaching program and charge a fee for working in groups or individually.

7. Freelance Work

– Photography
– Writing articles/blog posts
– Creating advertisements
– Making videos
– Transcribing

With the explosion of e-commerce and internet marketing, there are many people looking for reliable freelancers that can do quality work.

Where Do You Find Customers

new online customers

1. Paid Traffic

Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn… and dozens of other places all have paid traffic platforms.

You could go to Facebook, create an ad, target people who you think would be the most interested in your product and pay when they click on your ad. Same with all the other places.

This is the quickest way to start getting visitors to your website, literally within 24 hours.

2. Blogging

You can create a blog around the topic you’re interested in, and post valuable content on it. Over time, your blog will start to pick up some steam and your posts will be ranked. People will find you through their searches on Google.

You could do any one or a combination of several of the methods mentioned above to make money from your blog.

You could have ads on your blog, promote affiliate products, as well sell your own stuff.

3. Videos

You can create videos and post them to YouTube. I have a friend in the network marketing niche, who posts a lot of videos with tips about network marketing. Through these videos he reaches his audience and makes sales. To the tune of $250.000 last year.

There’s a fitness publishing company that’s making over $10 MILLION a year in sales, all driven by YouTube videos.

4. Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest… you can start a following using Social Media, and market your products or other people’s products that way.

There’s definitely no shortage of ways to make money online. Pick a product or market you’re most interested in, and start there. The beauty of all that, is you can do any of those from home, the beach or a coffee shop. And I have from all three at times.

And don’t worry about not knowing “how” to do it. When I started in 2005, I didn’t know anything about all this. But since then I’ve promoted all kinds of affiliate programs. Created a few dozen blogs in multiple niches. Sold information products. Sold supplements. Sold physical products on ebay and Amazon. And have written scores of sales ads that have sold MILLIONS of Dollars worth of products for my clients.

With a little effort you can master any skill.

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Vitaly Grinblat has over 20 years of experience in sales, marketing and advertising. Including running his own financial services agency for over 10 years. Since 2005, he has created a number of information products online, as well consulted with and designed advertising campaigns for private clients, generating over $10,000,000 in sales. Currently Vitaly is involved in a number of businesses and projects including creating marketing campaigns for a large publication company, running an e-commerce business, a nutraceutical company and Success Thread.


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