How To Make Money With Email In 3 Steps

make money with email

Being able to make money with email can be your secret weapon for starting an internet business and making boatloads of sales and profits. I first learned what not to do, and ended up losing about 60% of my email list before finally figuring out what to do.

Email is a great way to communicate with your list. And I believe it’s still the single most profitable activity you can do in your online business. According to the Direct Marketing Association, the ROI on email marketing is around 4,300%. That’s about $43 return on every $1 spent. Not bad, huh?

And although it varies across the board, doesn’t it make sense to learn how to create effective emails, since it can make such an impact on your bottom line? I think so.

how to make money with emailGot a video you want to share with your audience? Send an email.

Got a great piece of content on your blog? Yes there are many ways you can expand your reach, but you still need to mail your list and send them to the blog.

Want to make an announcement about a webinar, a new podcast episode, or your new product you just launched? Send an email.

However, the problem is that most people get it wrong.

Biggest Email Marketing Mistake

Number one mistake people make with emails, is writing all their emails like a friggin’ commercial.

Email is not about simply sending commercial messages. Yes, you want to sell, but if that’s ALL you do in your emails, your audience will very quickly tune you out. Sure there’s time to bring out the sales person in your emails, but if you just pitch and pitch and pitch… your list will stop reading your emails.

They’ll be ignored and buried in their already overstuffed inbox.

So what’s the solution?

The secret is to make your emails different, by mixing entertainment with value.

The reason people will read your emails is because there’s something in it for them. There needs to be value in your communication.

But dry facts will get old quickly. You can’t bore your prospects or you will lose them. No matter how valuable the information is.

So there needs to be an element of entertainment in your emails. People like to be entertained. It’s why we watch videos, go to the movies, concerts, plays, sports events, etc…. because of the need to be entertained.

And when you have the right mix of value and entertainment, is when you can start cranking out emails others want to read.

How To Make Money With Email In 3 Steps

Follow these simple but powerful suggestions and watch your readership explode!

1. Killer Subject Line

email subject lineIf your email doesn’t get opened, your message will never see the light of day.

Your email needs to stand out like sore thumb in their inbox. The subject line needs to immediately get their attention, pull them away from scanning all the other stuff they have, and make them want to click it.


Best way to do it is to make it curiosity provoking. We are all curious by nature.

Read the following subject lines I have in my stash of emails I wrote for an audience interested in making money online and growing their internet business:

My secret fantasy…
Shameless crooks…
Foreplay your customers crave…
Computers and greasy hamburgers…
The big traffic lie…

Now, can you honestly read these and NOT want to know more?

That is your goal with the subject line. To say something that will grab their attention and make them want to know more.

2. Open With A Bang

email openingOk, you got them to open the email. But that doesn’t mean they’ll read the whole thing… UNLESS you have an opening that sucks them in like an opening scene of a major blockbuster movie.

Without a great opening you will NOT get many people to scroll down and read your entire email.

2 important things you need to accomplish in your opening:

One – it has to be connected somehow to the subject line. It has to continue the thought process you started already.

Two – it needs to be interesting enough for people to want to continue reading.

One of the best ways to do that is to tell a story. Stories are the most powerful ways to communicate with others, get your message across and persuade them to act on it.

Telling a story is a sure-fire way to keep your audience reading and paying attention.

They could be:

– Personal stories
– Stories about other people (customers, friends)
– News stories
– Stories about a product
– Stories out of movies or books

Anything goes here. There are no rules, except – keep it interesting.

“You Can’t Bore Your Customers Into Reading Your Message Or Buying Your Product”

3. Tell Them What To Do

call to actionOne of the biggest reasons sales people fail to get a sale, is they never ask for it. You need to tell people “what you want them to do”.

Same goes for emails. You need to have a CTA (call to action) in your email that tells your reader what you want them to do.

Do you want them to watch a video? Tell them to “Click on this link and watch this video”.

Do you want them to download a report? Tell them to “Click on this link enter your email and download your free report”.

Do you want them to buy your product? Tell them to “Click on this link and let’s get you started with ____ “.

The reason for this is very simple. The human brain is lazy. If you want people to think about something or do something, you need to give their brain very clear instructions. It’s not manipulative, it’s just the way it is. If you don’t do it, they may just read the information and their brain may find something else that’s interesting to latch on to.

No “Call To Action” is the death of the sale. And even if you’re just sending them to a blog post, that is a sale. You’re selling them on reading your blog post, watching a video or whatever… Don’t be afraid to sell and tell them what to do.

So there you have it, 3 steps to creating emails that make money.

1 – Have a killer, curiosity provoking and attention-grabbing subject line.

2 – Have an interesting opening that grabs them and makes them want to rear more.

3 – Include a clear call to action with what you want them to do.

Follow these steps in all your emails and watch your response skyrocket.

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