How To Reach More Fans With Your Facebook Page

As more and more businesses start using Facebook Pages, the ability to reach more fans on Facebook has become more difficult.

Facebook looks at a number of factors to determine who is going to see your post. So just because you post, doesn’t mean it’s showing up in your fans’ newsfeeds.

Kind of sucks, doesn’t it? You can always boost a post or run ads targeting your fans, which is what Facebook wants you to do, OR… you can also take steps you to reach more fans with your Facebook page organically.

First, let’s take a look at…

How Facebook Determines Who See Your Posts

Obviously Facebook wants businesses to advertise so they’re not going to show your posts to everyone, so that you can pay them to reach your fans.

Like it or not, Facebook is a for-profit company. Nothing wrong with that.

But another reason why Facebook limits your reach, is because it wants “good user content.”

That’s kind of always been Mark Zuckerberg’s motto – “create a cool user experience.”

While Facebook uses hundreds of factors to determine the post’s reach, here are 5 main ones.

5 Main Factors Used By Facebook To Determine Reach

facebook fans

Factor #1 – A user’s previous interactions with page

If Facebook sees that a user likes, clicks or comments on your posts, obviously they like your stuff.

Looking at past interactions with your posts helps Facebook determine how relevant your content is to your fans.

Factor #2 – A user’s previous interactions with post type

This is an interesting one.

Facebook also looks at how the person has interacted with this particular post type before.

For example, if a user interacts with videos more, than Facebook will serve more videos in their newsfeed. And if you post an image, a user with a history of interacting more with videos, will have a lower chance of seeing your post, than a user who’s past behavior shows more interaction with an image post.

Makes sense?

Moving on…

Factor #3 – The interactions from other users who saw the post

As it turns out, Facebook initially shows your post to a small group of people. And based on their interaction with is, Facebook will either give your post a higher or lower score.

What that means is, if people like, comment or share your post, it’ll be shown to more people. If not, it won’t see the light of day.

Factor #4 – Any complaints or negative feedback

If a user reports your post, or unfollows it, Facebook will remember it for that particular user in the future. And if enough people report or unfollow a post, it will hurt it’s ability to be shown to more people.

You can sum it all up by saying that Facebook is becoming increasingly like a credit card company looking at someone’s credit history to determine whether to issue them credit or not. So yes, everything you do on Facebook counts in a way.

There is one more factor.

Factor #5 – When it was posted

Recency helps. Over time your post becomes “less interesting” and won’t be shown as much. So the score goes down over time.

How To Reach More Fans With Your Facebook Page In 5 Swift Moves

how to reach more fans with your facebook page
Just as with anything, you need a strategy to engage your fans on Facebook.

Here are 4 strategies to help you gain more organic reach with your posts.

1. Pick The Right Time For Your Facebook Post

Posting during peak times may actually work against you for a couple of reasons.

First, there is a lot of competition.

And second, because your post won’t be seen by a lot of people at first as we just discussed above, posting during peak times may give a tiny reach.

A better strategy would be to post before peak times, so that your post gain traction by the time most of your fans are browsing through their newsfeed.

By the way, a quick look at your page’s analytics will reveal when those times are.

2. Be Consistent With Your Content Type

People love consistency and transparency.

People relate to others who are real and authentic.

Posting something interesting and personal will probably get you more likes than just “raw” information.

Another suggestion is to “put a face on your brand.” Sharing your pictures on Facebook, or personal videos will help create more trust with your audience and earn you more likes, comments and shares.

3. Encourage More Interaction

If you want people to do something – TELL THEM.

Here are a couple of ways to get more people engaged with your content.

Ask Questions

If you ask a question, there’s a good chance you’ll get a response.

If your page is about nutrition, you can ask something like – “What’s your favorite health food?”

People like to voice their opinions, so give them that opportunity. By the way, this also a way for you to tap into their deep urge to be important, which helps raise their self-esteem.

Respond To Comments

If you want more people to engage with you, talk to them. If people comment, reply. Don’t ignore your fans, or they’ll think you don’t care, which is NOT what you want to communicate to them.

4. Post Shareable Content To Make It Go Viral

Look at your newsfeed and see what jumps out at you. Taking it a step further, which content do you feel like sharing?

This is what’s going to make your content go viral.

Think carefully when choosing your images or videos.

Ask yourself, is this content worth sharing?

Would I be compelled to share it if I saw it?

What Gets Shared The Most?

– Useful content
– Infographics
– Interesting/Entertaining videos

So… if you want to reach more people organically on Facebook, stick to these basics, and you’ll see a lot more engagement with your Fans.

For more details and examples of these highly effective Facebook tactics see the original article on Quicksprout by Neil Patel.

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