Mark Zuckerberg’s Secret To Beating The Odds

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There’s no doubt that Billionaire founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg knows a thing or two about building a successful company.

However, that wasn’t what drove him initially. It was his mission and vision about what Facebook meant. He says that to become successful in business, you have to care the most about it.

In his own words…

“Belief and caring is the only thing that drives you to do it, even when the odds of success are stacked against you”

Mark says that in the eyes of the experts, Facebook wasn’t supposed to succeed. There were bigger companies, with deeper pockets, better programmers and engineers, and faster servers who “could have done it.” Which is why some of the bigger investment companies didn’t want to invest in Facebook initially. The odds of success were stacked way against them.

But Mark says – “We just cared the most. We weren’t about just building a company. We wanted to connect everybody in the world.”

That single handed purpose and focus is what drove the team. And Mark believes that kind of caring is the edge any entrepreneur can use to overcome any difficulties that stand in the way.

More Of Mark Zuckerberg’s Business Success Rules

1. Give The Very Best Experience

For Mark, Facebook was always about the user experience. He and his team have always cared (and still do) about what kind of an experience users have with their newsfeeds.

His advice to business owners who want to reach their audience is simple:

“Focus on publishing really good content that you think will be compelling to your customers and the people who follow you.”

This should be a guiding criteria for anyone who uses Facebook to promote their business.

2. Get Feedback

Whether it’s from customers or employees, you always want to get feedback. As an entrepreneur you are often too close to the business or to the product to see any problems. Getting other people’s opinions, especially your customers is crucial.

Investing your time in getting feeback and learning from it can help you make better products, improve your existing ones, and will also show your customers that you care.

3. Build A Really Good Team

Interesting Fact: Mark Zuckerberg spends 3 hours a day with his team. And also 25% of his time recruiting people.

His philosophy on hiring is – “Only hire people who you would work for.” That about about sums it up.

4. Make Mistakes

Mark says that people always ask him what mistakes to avoid. Mark’s advice is to NOT avoid the mistakes, because you’ll make a ton of them, but making mistakes, stumbling and falling down is how you learn.

Failure is the best teacher.

This article was inspired by Evan Carmichael‘s profile of Mark Zuckerberg’s top rules for success.

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