Michael Jordan’s Top 10 Rules For Success

Michael Jordan's Top 10 Rules For Success

There is a reason why Michael Jordan is considered the greatest basketball player of all time. He is in a league of his own. There have been and will be many others, but there is only one Michael Jordan.

And he’s been able to carry that off court, becoming an ultra-successful entrepreneur, with a Billion Dollar plus net worth.

None of that is by accident. Success never is.

Here Are Michael Jordan’s Top 10 Rules For Success

1. Keep Working Hard

Michael Jordan would be the hardest working player on the team. First in the gym, last one to leave. Always working on getting better.

2. Ignite The Fire

You don’t just wake up one day and become the best in your sport, or in any endeavor. Michael worked every single day on being the best.

3. Be Different

Too many people want to emulate others. What made MJ different, is he wanted to be different. There were other greats at the time, like Larry Bird and Magic Johnson.

Michael Jordan looked at how he could be different and better than they were.

4. Fail Your Way To Success

Michael Jordan says:

He missed 9,000 shots in his career.

He lost almost 300 games.

He missed 26 winning shots which he was trusted with.

In his own words – I failed over and over again. That is why I succeed.

5. Have High Expectations

Always strive to do more. Never be complacent. Even after multiple championship rings, and MVP awards, he still had a lot to prove, and was never satisfied with what he achieved.

That hunger for more, for being great is what drove him to become unstoppable.

6. Be Positive

It’s not what happens to you, it’s how you perceive what happens to you. Bad things happen to us all, yet Michael Jordan, like most successful people looked at the positives that come out of the situation.

It’s easy to look at a negative or a bad situation and see it for what it is. But the mark of a champion, is to look for the good, the positive.

Brian Tracy says to look at everything that happens to you and ask – What’s the gift here? What’s the opportunity? What can I learn from this?

7. Be Who You Were Born To Be

“It’s not about the shoes you wear” – says Michael Jordan.

Know where you’re going. Have the courage to fail. Take everything you’ve been given and make it better.

8. Have A Vision

When you have a vision that drives you, it’ll give you the mental toughness and the edge you need to persevere. Even when you’re tired and don’t feel like going for it anymore.

MJ had a vision. A goal to win the championship. That vision drove him, and his team to pull of “miracles” on the court.

9. Stop Making Excuses

You can get results or you can make excuses.

No one said it would be easy. Jordan says – “Failure gave me strength. Pain was my motivation.”

There was no room for excuses in his book.

10. Practice

What no one saw are the countless hours of preparation. Blood, sweat and tears that went into every practice, when no one was watching.

Michael Jordan treated every practice like it’s the championship. As a result, during the game it was all instinct.

If you’d like to see a video version with some cool music of Michael Jordan’s 10 Rules Of Success… here’s a great video put together by Evan Carmichael.

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