The Only Success Habit You Need To Get Everything You Want

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There are plenty of success habits you need to develop on your journey to create the life you really want. But there’s only one you absolutely can’t avoid. It’s the single most important success habit you can develop to achieve your goals.

It trumps having talent, skills, abilities and just about anything else you think you need to have to achieve greatness.

If you just do this one thing, you are virtually guaranteed success. And if you don’t, you’re 100% guaranteed failure, even if you have everything else in place.

What I’m talking about is the success habit of TAKING ACTION. Well that’s kind of obvious. Yes, but, in my experience very few people actually DO take action. Or I should say, take action on a regular basis and do it long enough to get the job done.

Case in point…

I’ve seen scores of people spend big money on learning how to sell online. They’ll buy one course after another with internet marketing tips and techniques. But when it comes to actually doing it, very few implement what they’ve learned.

Most would rather spend $300 on a course on how to market on Facebook, then spend $300 on actual Facebook ads which is how they’ll really learn the ropes.

Heck, I’ve seen people spend THOUSANDS on high-end marketing and advertising coaching, with full intention to “do the thing”… and then never take the first step towards any kind of implementation.

It’s like buying a brand new Ferrari, stuffed with every feature you can imagine, getting it delivered to your house, and letting it just sit there without so much as to put it in first gear.

Why People Don’t Take Action

fear of failureThe reason most people don’t take action is FEAR.

They’re wrapped up in all kinds of fear, both real and imaginary. (mostly imaginary though).

We all have them. The question is…

Are you going to let these fears stop you dead in your tracks… or smash them to pieces to move forward anyway?

Fear of Failure

Fear of failure has been unfortunately embedded in us from early childhood. Thanks to the public education system, we associate making mistakes with failure. And failure is bad.

Is it?

Michael Jordan, the greatest basketball player of all time, and now a Billionaire entrepreneur said it best…

“I failed over and over again. That is why I succeed.”

Fear of Criticism

Most people care way too much about what other people think.

– What if I fail?

– What will my family think, what will my friends think?

You know what… I hate to break it to you, but most people don’t think about you and what you’re doing at all. And if they do, and they don’t approve, that’s their problem.

I know that seeking approval of others is a psychological need we all have to wrestle with. But successful people don’t care what others say or think.

If you want to be great, you can’t let other people’s opinions or judgments keep you stuck.

Fear of Success

Yes, that’s a biggie. Many people are simply afraid of success. It can be because of some issues they have with money. Or “fear of what others will think”… but no matter where it stems from, fear of success is real.

Fear of Making a Mistake

This is not the same as ‘fear of failure’, but it’s closely tied to it. Nobody wants to make mistakes. Especially the older we get, the less tolerance we have for making mistakes.

So instead of taking action, we keep waiting for things to be perfect, so we don’t make a mistake.

Fear of Making A Decision

You see, when you decide to do something, you kill other other options. And most people would rather put things off, and wait for the stars and the moon to align, then to make a decision.

And all these fears will paralyze you and keep you stuck. But the only way for you to hit your goals, achieve greatness and live the life you want is to develop the success habit of taking action. Just do it.

Brian Tracy recommends 5 ways to become action oriented.

taking action

5 Keys To Develop The Success Habit Of Taking Action

1. Work Faster

Want to become more productive? Create a habit of working faster. Pick up the pace, develop a sense of urgency, move quickly and get it done now.

A great quote to remember is – “Success Loves Speed.”

Successful people are quick and efficient. While unsuccessful people delay and procrastinate.

2. Work Longer and Harder

Let’s face it. Most people are lazy. They simply will not put in the hours and the effort it takes to win.

They don’t work very hard. They don’t strive to get the job done as well as they could. And would rather take a shortcut.

There are no shortcuts to success. Not in a sense of skipping the work necessary. But if you can develop the habit of doing more, it will pay off in spades.

Successful people don’t look for ways to do less. They look for ways to get the job done, and do it the best they can. If you just show up and work hard, you’ll beat 90% of the people out there.

Start earlier. Work later. Get more done.

Ramit Sethi recommends working twice as hard, and get 10X the results. He uses an example of getting a raise.

Most people will make a list of the reasons why they should get a raise – why they DESERVE it – and then they practice what they’re going to say in their heads a few times. They think the fact that they’ve done great work will be enough.

Successful people study salary negotiation, the mistakes most people make when trying to negotiate, and how to crack the negotiation code. They make a list of all the reasons they’ve EARNED a raise and they create a strategy for addressing the objections their boss might throw at them. Then they rehearse their pitch 100 times. They practice in front of a mirror, with their friends, and with strangers on the street.

Do you think this will make a difference?

3. Do More Important Things

Working hard alone won’t make you great. You need to focus on doing the most important tasks at hand. And learn how to outsource the rest.

Focus on doing the most productive thing possible.

The “80/20 Rule” says…

“80% of your success will come from 20% of your efforts”

Ask yourself…

What is the 20% that I need to focus on? And spend your time doing THAT.

4. Do Things You’re Better At

If you’re good at something, do that. Some people say to work on your weaknesses. And that is not a bad advice.

However, if you spend more time working on the things you’re already good at, it’ll be enjoyable, more productive and efficient.

5. Bunch Your Tasks

I write for a living. A lot. I write daily emails, blog posts, and ads. And I found that my most productive hours of the day are in the morning. That’s when I do all my writing. It’s my most important activity of the day, and I do it when I have the most energy.

I also have a number of businesses and projects I’m involved in. And there’s always some fire to put out, a phone call to make, a follow-up email to write, etc… So I schedule a time to make all my phone calls back to back, so that I can get them done and out of the way quickly.

This is a great time-management technique, and will help you take action and get things done that need to be done.

The most important thing is to do something. Anything. I call it practicing The Law of Imperfect Activity. Getting into the habit of doing things you need to do, no matter how you feel.

If you don’t feel like exercising, do it anyway. Go out for a walk or jog. Just start moving.

Need to make those phone calls and don’t feel like it? Do it anyway. Pick up the phone, and get it done.

Want to write a book or start a blog or an online business? Go for it. Take the first step and start moving.

When you do, you’ll feel better, you’ll feel energized and motivated to keep going.

And ultimately the success habit of taking action will be a part of who you are.

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