Hi! Let me virtually shake your hand (I’m kinda old fashioned) and introduce myself.

My name is Vitaly Grinblat. I'm the founder of Success Thread.

In case you're wondering, my name is Russian. Although I was born in Ukraine (well technically Soviet Union which no longer exists). But I speak Russian. Oh heck, it’s complicated.

Best way for me to tell you a bit about who I am and what I do is with this quick story...

I Was Lying Through My Teeth…

It was August 9th, 2005.

My daughter just turned 3. And we had about 20 kids at Chuck-e-Cheese that night to celebrate.

However, it was a Tuesday night. The day we ran our opportunity meeting at the office. It's a business briefing, company presentation or whatever you wanna call it. You know, a meeting to attract potential prospects into your business. 

I had a few people to open and present most of it. But since I was the best ‘closer’, I chose to leave the b-day party 30 minutes early and go do my thing. Just as she was about to open the presents.

I’m still embarrassed to admit this.

But hey, even though I’m feeling a little guilty, I was masking it with…

“I’m doing this to grow my business and give my family the kind of life they deserve.”

So I hop on the freeway and zip over to the office.

Just in time for my queue.

I go up there and let it rip.

And as I'm wrapping up, building the emotional momentum, talkin' to the room about creating economic independence and time freedom to live a quality life and do as you please...

In my mind I'm thinking...

I’ve been in direct sales for exactly 10 years. 

I’ve clawed and scratched my way through years of rejection from cold calling. Knocking on doors. Getting kicked out of stores for trying to recruit their employees. And doing basically every thing you could possibly imagine to find prospects and drum up more business.

And even though I've finally started to taste some financial success… speaking at leadership conferences to hundreds of entrepreneurs… winning top producer and recruiter awards… and even all-expense paid trips to ultra luxury resorts…

I Felt Like A Total Fraud

Here I am, just walked out on my own kid's birthday party, to go "do business"... and I'm talking about "time freedom" and "quality of life".

Heck, knowing what I knew at that moment, I wouldn't even join me!

Besides, I was feeling completely burned out.

By that time, I’ve probably made more than 20,000 phone calls. Made over 1,500 kitchen table presentations. Hundreds and hundreds of recruiting appointments in coffee shops.

I wasn’t even 30 years old, and have already recruited and trained dozens of people. Sold Millions of Dollars in life insurance. And personally had over 1,000 investment client accounts with Millions of Dollars in Assets Under Management.

In fact, in October of that same year, 2005, I made over $18,000 and was the #1 producer in North America out of over 100,000 agents.

And yet... I was totally exhausted from being gone 4-5 nights every week, “building” my business. Swallowing dinners on the fly and having my wife tuck our kid in

Fast Forward 10 Years Later...

It’s August 9th, 2015. My wife and I take our now 13 year old on a 6 day trip to Orlando for her birthday. This time I didn't have to take off early and run to "close the meeting."

While my in-laws are watching the twins (we’re now a clan of 5) in a beachfront condo in Miami. Where we’re staying for 6 weeks. Something we do every summer with the kids. 

And I don't say this to brag. Or to even imply that I'm one of these "hang out at the beach and make money" guys. I'm not. In fact I've never met one yet. But I have made some changes in my business philosophy, priorities and how I go about making money.

One of which is...

It's NOT ok to put your family life on hold, while you're "making it happen." This is too big a price to pay. And I'm glad I realized this sooner, rather than later.

Which is why back in 2005, I went looking for a different way to do it. Where I can leverage my time. And not have to prospect and present around the clock for my business and income to grow. 

I'll Never Forget This Day

Tuesday morning, October 4th, 2005.

The day I made my first buck online.

I woke up to TWO sales from the same person in UK. One $69.94. The other $33.98. $103.92 total. ($100.30 after PayPal fees)  

Now a hundred bucks may not sound like much.

But let me illustrate the significance of that eye-opening experience, and literally a turning point in my life.

I didn't have to prospect this person. I didn't have to get on the phone with him. I didn't have to meet in person. I din't have present, overcome objections and close him.

Heck... I didn't even know the guy.


This day changed my life forever. And I made a decision to do more of THAT. To get online. So that I can work from home and watch my now 3 kids grow up.

Now, things were slow at first. That first month I made $841.88. It wasn't all profit either. But a good chunk was.

And it was enough for me to dive deep into this world and never look back.

As a matter of fact, in 2006, after making $120,000 in my old direct sales business (where I had to prospect, sell and recruit face-to-face) I swore...

“This is the last year I’m going to run around. Do evening appointments. And miss out on life, because I’m chasing the ‘dream’!” 

And it was! 

Since then I’ve launched different products, selling them through different marketing channels. Created sales systems. And developed advertising campaigns in the areas of internet marketing and publishing, personal development, hypnosis, health and fitness.

My online marketing and advertising has produced north of $15 Million in sales. 

I started a little info-publishing business from my dining room table. Packaging training manuals and cd's. (Yeah, I personally copied them and took to the post office.) In a couple of years I had 2,500 customers in 24 countries.

I launched a nutritional supplement business which did 6-figures in the first 12 months. But it wasn’t my cup of latte, so I got out of it.

I own an e-commerce brand which I launched literally from my laptop on a beach in North Miami. It hit multiple 6-figures in the first year.

And I also help run the marketing engine for a large online training and coaching company.

Vitaly Grinblat No Excuses Summit

I’ve worked with some amazing entrepreneurs. And had the opportunity to train and coach students from all over the world. 

Most important of all, I never miss a beat with my kids, because I’ve designed my business around my life. Not the other way around.

But enough about me. What about YOU?

Would You Like to Create a Rocking Kick-Butt Business... with Financial (and Time) Freedom That Would Make Most People Drool?